A Gay Man's Girlfriend



I had to step down off my thrown get reborn and descend to earth. Before you speak a word before you spit a verse you need to exercise this exorcism. I’m bout to cross the line take your shine hit rewind but you need rehearse and reverse this curse while I crucify you lyrically, spiritually. Rappers treading in dangerous waters not protecting their soul so I’ve given their final roles, know your position, I wear the crown you are now on sacred grounds.

You have entered the realm of Queen Entity, thy kingdom come thy will be done. My will be done.

Making my rounds through this industry, watching you bitches envy me. Think quickly and critically  as Im taking taking you off my map, detrimentally killing careers I’ll be releasing El trap as he spits these vicious raps you’ll be caught in the clouds, smokin on Cali loud it will be so damn profound as my belly grows round, make sure you bow down. Pregnant with humanity, insanity please pray with me eventually this industry will worship Queen Entity.




Then there was Two

I know what I said but I’m not comfortable.
Calm down you will enjoy it, I promise.

You mean you will. This is for your sick pleasure. 

Do you need me to helo you calm down? Don’t embarrass me infront of our guest.

Death walks over.Sweat rolls down her back…palms get clammy and her body tenses up. He grabbed her face with his talons abd licked her lips. 

That’s it make it pretty, move her hair out of her face. Yeah like that , I want to see those pretty eyes.

She jerks her head away and spits on Death.He slaps her and she falls to the ground. 

Bitch! He looks over to him.

Worthless whore! Your costing me money! I’ll finish the job.

He grabbed Deaths head and yanked it back and passionately kissed him. She just laid there not knowing anything anymore. Her face was bleeding and brused inside and out. She wanted to die. She watched as who she loved was … not her’s anymore. A job? More like another day…a familiar moment…


Power is not in the mind, who told you that?
Power is knowledge…get up and find the source.

Power is money…make some.

Power is beauty…upgrade yourself.

Power is sex…get better at it.

Power is not in the mind, who the fuck told you that!!

Power is populating your seed.

Power is overthrowing the weak.

Power is going to war with light.

Power is erecting yourself into businesses.

Natural selection doesn’t happen unless you let it. You don’t want to be stomped on, looked over, screwed out of your share right?

Then take it back.



The Back Room

Remember where we met? Yeah we slayed the siren everday. No one knew because I kept you in my back pocket. You love sliding by me while delivering the goods making sure your hands grabbed those forbidden places. Fondren to the Gallo, dodging security today your my security. All night after hours we cleaned and sweated the back room out….we didn’t make a sound. Cutting through the back halls ripping off clothes, curling up my toes…I still have those scares. You know what blows it was right under their nose… they couldn’t feel the heat …they couldn’t sniff it out.We still throw down, clownin and rollin in the sirens goods but please don’t get it misunderstood😘


You know you hurt me right? You know you kept me from my hearts desires? I can’t TRUST I can’t THINK fuck I can’t breath! You make shit complicated…your over rated in my head…your voice echos in my head…get out! Im going crazy… You took my beautiful child, you know I wanted to jump off reality ….Yeah you stomped my stomach. Oh you don’t remember? Thats cool don’t matter anyway. Oh yeah my stitches healed …I know he wanted me dead…I died 3 deaths already… burn in hell. I needed therapy… I went to jail so we can eat… I hope it was all worth it. I wanted to hurt you… but i loved you. I hope your doing well.I hope your happy…I hope your demons torture you… 
So much for my happy ending.

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