I know what I said but I’m not comfortable.
Calm down you will enjoy it, I promise.

You mean you will. This is for your sick pleasure. 

Do you need me to helo you calm down? Don’t embarrass me infront of our guest.

Death walks over.Sweat rolls down her back…palms get clammy and her body tenses up. He grabbed her face with his talons abd licked her lips. 

That’s it make it pretty, move her hair out of her face. Yeah like that , I want to see those pretty eyes.

She jerks her head away and spits on Death.He slaps her and she falls to the ground. 

Bitch! He looks over to him.

Worthless whore! Your costing me money! I’ll finish the job.

He grabbed Deaths head and yanked it back and passionately kissed him. She just laid there not knowing anything anymore. Her face was bleeding and brused inside and out. She wanted to die. She watched as who she loved was … not her’s anymore. A job? More like another day…a familiar moment…